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                Shantou SanFai Nonwoven Machinery Factory, Ltd. which is invested by foreign venture, guiding by the customers process technology, is specialized in manufacturing various advanced ...





                • High-grade leather fabric production line

                • Velour carpet production line

                • Geotextile production line

                • One Box Fiber Mixing Machine

                • Bale Opener

                • Carding Machine with Double Cylinders and Double Doffers and Double Random Rollers

                • Carding Type Fiber Air Layer Machine

                • Single Board Up stroke Needle loom

                • Double Board High Frequency Velour Needle Looms

                • Solid Pattern Needle looms

                • Ectopic of Needle Loom

                • Pre-Needle Loom

                • Single Board Down Stroke Needle loom

                • Double Boards Down Stroke Needle Loom