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                Name:Carding Machine with Double Cylinders and Double Doffers and Double Random Rollers

                • Name: Carding Machine with Double Cylinders and Double Doffers and Double Random Rollers 
                • Model:SRC-222-200

                Specifications: 

                • Working width:2000mm. 
                • Fiber applied: polyester& polypropylene fibers etc. with fineness 6~15D、38~75mm. 
                • Production capacity: 120~250kg/h. 
                • Forming weight: 20~50g/m2. 
                • Forming speed: max45m/min. 
                • Installed power: feeding roller input lattice motor2.2+stabing roller, chest cylinder, transferring roller motor 11+main cylinder motor18.5+main working roller motor2.2+upper doffer motor2.2+down doffer motor2.2+upper random roller motor2.2+down random roller motor2.2+upper stripped roller1.1+down stripped roller motor1.1+upper output lattice motor1.1+down output lattice motor1.1+fan7.5×2=62.1kw.

                Characteristics: 

                • Function of this machine: To card the curled fiber beam to the status of straight single fiber, as well as remove a small amount of impurity and flock. Straightly an parallel ranked fibers are changed its permutation direction via random roller during web laying process, then fiber web with a certain ratio of strength vertically and horizontally forms. 
                • Structure: Double cylinders, double doffers, double random rollers, stripped roller. 
                • Size:: 10200(length)×(3400+2×800)(width)×3300(height). 
                • Weight: 22000Kg.