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                Name:Pre-Needle Loom

                • Name: Pre-Needle Loom 
                • Model:SPN-400 
                • Working width:4000mm. 
                • Stroke: 60mm. 
                • Number of needles:4000needles/m(stripped plate holeΦ4.5mm,support plate hole upΦ4.5mm,downΦ5.5). 
                • Stroke frequency:max1000 strokes/min. 
                • Production speed: 1~5m/min. 
                • Installed power: output roller motor 1.5+ oil pump motor1.5+stripped plate motor 0.75+support plate motor 1.5+heat sink motor 0.75+main shaft motor 37(main motor power is 37kw while one level increased)=43kw. 
                • Keep low generating-heat, little vibration, low noise, no sway while running at high speed. Temperature of the main shaft is less than 60℃ after the whole machine works for 15 hours. Increase the quantity of lubricant heat sink, to decrease the temperature.
                • The entire machine is treated with inertia balance precisely, vibrations are removed thoroughly. No special requirement for foundation. 
                • Size: 5300(length)×(1000+2×200)(width)×2500(height). 
                • Weight: 15500Kg.